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"And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field," Says the LORD of hosts; Malachi 3:11

Recently my husband got into our car after a long night at work and the car would not accelerate when he put it in gear, plus the service engine light was on. He called me and  I called Jesus and Pastor Frank and my earthly father to go help my husband. We all prayed and agreed with our Heavenly Daddy that this car must run and function properly as it should. So the car came into agreement and start running and my husband came home. But because the service engine light was still on, we took it to get a free evaluation and a printout of and service requirements, none of which appeared costly. But the best part is that my husband Clyde went to work Sunday night and the light was still on, but Monday morning: no service engine light and the car has been running fine since! So this week we got regularly scheduled oil change and tire rotation, and no other problems were evident at all! Everyone knows service engine light can mean big bucks for repairs, but the devourer was REBUKED FOR OUR SAKES! Thank you, Jesus Christ of Nazereth!
-Clyde & Lenise

Pastor Frank, our Dad spoke through you recently on The Blessing of Abraham. Since this message and even before, Daddy has been confirming His promises and the revelation He has given you prophetically and from His word about our blessing.
Our company's project with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was being considered for termination which would have resulted in more than 10 people losing their jobs. 
But instead we got two huge blessings!
First, we rejected the termination in Jesus’ name and instead our company was awarded a renewed annual contract with the OEM!
Then on right after that, our company gave a surprise bonus to me! I had not received a bonus from my company for the entire 5 plus years that I have been with them.
This is the promised harvest of our seeds of faith. This is indeed the season to declare again The Blessings of Abraham! Thank you for being faithful to study and speak His Word!
-Eldon Abraham
I needed good, solid transportation. My Subaru had 163,000 miles on it and I was unable to make it to church recently. But I was in attendance for the Leadership Development lesson on “The Definition of Faith" which dealt with "Our Assurance." The lesson explained to me who I am, about faith and belief and how to ask for what we want and need.

In prayer Sunday morning, among other things, I proclaimed that I needed a miracle! And I asked for abundance in the coming week. That day, my check engine light was on, my car was running hot, and I had to raise the hood and jiggle the battery cable to get my car to start.

But on that same Sunday evening, I received a call telling me that the next day a new car with only 27,000 miles on it would be purchased for me! Hallelujah! The car was purchased for me on Monday, paid in full with cash!  I even had supernatural provision made for me to purchase auto insurance!
Not only that, but I was also able to sell my old car (with full disclosure of its problems), pay back money I had borrowed and bring a tithe of thanksgiving to the Lord! And all of this right before getting a call about a new job! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
In answer to my prayer, it was a week of miracles and abundance! Amen!
After hearing Pastor Frank's message “Eat and Prosper” regarding one of the many blessings of regularly partaking of the Communion meal, that is exactly what began to manifest in our finances: prosperity without toil and suffering.

First, my husband Clyde received his raise early and at the highest rate possible, the next day I received a $100 bonus,  then got home and we received an unexpected $600 refund check, and on the same day opened another letter notifying us to claim an unclaimed $74 check!

Yes the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous!  Eat and Prosper!

We know there is much more to come. Amen!
-Clyde & Lenise


I was very concerned about filing my income tax return because I thought I would have to pay a lot. Instead, after having my returns prepared I discovered I’m getting a nice refund. Hallelujah!


I am on a journey that I could hardly have dreamed of when I was indefinitely laid off from my job. Now I am on track to learn how to live the dream of owning my own business. God has opened the door for me to go to culinary school for free! The tuition is paid in full by the state of Michigan. All materials are included in the tuition and they even bought the shoes that are required for the training. HALLELUJAH!! 


Our Heavenly Daddy favored us with almost $350.00 of free stuff!  

We got a new car recently, which is a blessing in itself because our credit was damaged. And this week when we were suppose to pay for the insurance; they said we could just start paying during the next billing cycle of our current policy for our other car.
Also the salesperson said we would have to pay for an additional key but the service dept. said “No, the key is free.”  
And yesterday I took the car to the body shop for some repairs. I had previously called and got a quote of $75. The owner got the parts I needed and fixed the car in 5 minutes for free and just said “Have a nice day.” Abundant provision is a new area that God’s favor is manifesting in because I am removing the leverage and resting in Him.



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