February 2016   
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The Sunday Gathering & Communion Celebration
10:00 AM
The atmosphere is warm and loving. The attire is casual. Our gatherings are interactive and lively discussions of the bible. Experience an entirely new way of sharing and receiving the love of Jesus!
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Frank Turner

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Real Love.  Intelligent Faith.  Practical Application.
We Are Disciples of the Principles and Practices of Jesus


"I think in many ways, being a pastor is comparable to being a shepherd. But I'm the kind of shepherd who wants to care for the sheep, not fleece them."
~Frank Turner


We all need care, comfort, counsel, and practical wisdom to shape and manage our lives. As the pastor of The Believers Congregation in Novi, I have dedicated my life to providing these crucial things to every member. My approach to ministry is personal, caring and confidential.

  • Personal, means I like to engage with you on the basis of having a real and lasting relationship. I don't believe in shallow and generic advice. I believe in sharing tailor-made wisdom and practical direction based on every person's unique, one-of-a-kind situation.


  • Caring, means I regard everyone with real, authentic love. I believe everyone is worthy of respect, fairness, equal treatment, kindness, and patience. I believe everyone is deserving of true affection, as they are, right now, without conditions or contingencies.


  • Confidential, means that every person who comes to me for advice, guidance, wisdom, or help of any kind, has the absolute assurance of complete discretion and total confidentiality. No matter what you share, or we discuss, you can have the comfort of knowing that it remains completely between us, unless you specifically direct otherwise.

You may remember me as the television personality known to millions of viewers as an Emmy winning former investigative reporter and the former anchor of Action News at 5 and Action News at 7 on Detroit’s ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV Channel 7.

I retired from that career to be a pastor and just as importantly, a teacher. Along with real love, I focus our congregation on progressive faith and practical application. Using an interactive style of discussion and group participation, I teach illustrative and thought-provoking lessons. I want to teach you the principles and practices of Jesus in a way that will lead to true and lasting improvement in your life, right away. I would like to be your pastor, and teacher of discipleship to Jesus.

I also hope you'll check out my powerful and deeply personal account of addiction, destruction, and ultimate salvation Raised From the Dead. Follow this link to read the excerpt or buy your copy now!

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