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The Sunday Gathering of The Believers Congregation is a warm welcoming fellowship. All are welcome regardless of faith tradition, background, sexual preference or gender identification.

Our gatherings are lively and exciting interactive discussions filled with inquiry, exploration, questions and answers. Participation is welcomed and encouraged.
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Frank Turner


Pastor Frank Turner is known to millions of viewers as an Emmy winning former investigative reporter and the former anchor of Action News at 5 and Action News at 7 on Detroit’s ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV Channel 7 and for his television ministry of God’s Amazing Grace.  

Frank is also known as "America's First Evangelical Anchorman," the first secular news anchor in television history to boldly proclaim the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ in regular commentaries during his evening newscasts!

Frank Turner Ministries is devoted to bringing deliverance, power and healing through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As a gifted evangelist, seminar speaker, Bible teacher and author, Frank retired from his career as a news anchor in 2006 to preach and teach the gospel as a pastor, full-time.
Frank’s TV career began in 1980, when as a young college student working in a Chicago newsroom, he says he "fell in love" with television news.
A year later, a veteran News Director recognized his natural talent and Frank began reporting the news in Omaha, Nebraska. As his talents emerged, Frank’s reputation grew and his career path led him to become a seasoned broadcaster and journalist.
As an anchor and a tenacious interviewer, he always understood the power and responsibility of sitting behind the news desk.
"I loved that covering and reporting the news gave me the ability to interact with millions of people every day," Frank says. "And I loved being an advocate for, and protector of the public trust."
Frank is originally from Chicago and joined Channel 7 in October 1990 after reporting and anchoring in Omaha, Nashville, Chicago and New Orleans.
Along with two Emmys, Frank has also been honored with several other awards, including the Associated Press Broadcasters award, the Michele Clark Fellowship Award, and the New York Festivals Television Award.
Frank is also the author of the book Raised from the Dead The Personal Testimony of America's First Evangelical Anchorman.
But Frank considers his most meaningful contribution to secular television was the bold proclamation of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ in regular commentaries during his 7 pm newscasts.
Raised from the Dead is the personal testimony of Frank Turner, "America’s First Evangelical Anchorman."
This powerful revelation is the detailed account of my life, including the heart-wrenching details of my abandonment and sexual abuse as a child, my 25 year addiction to drugs and alcohol (including 22 years hopelessly addicted to smoking pure cocaine), three fatal overdoses from which I was returned to life, and how I was saved, delivered and healed instantly and supernaturally through the judged body and shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Your image of what a “stone-cold, cocaine-junkie-crackhead” looks like probably never included an impeccably dressed, very professional and extremely articulate television anchor delivering your evening news. But now it should.
For twenty-five years, my life as a two-time Emmy award winning broadcaster, investigative reporter and news anchor was a roller coaster ride that took me from the heights of achievement to the depths of addiction.
With no choice but to build upon my damaged foundation of abandonment, abuse and sexual molestation as a child, I simultaneously constructed a brilliant career and a tormented life. Even as I interviewed kings and presidents, mayors and moguls, reported on disasters and major developments of all kinds, gathered and delivered the most exciting news stories from around the world—the most shocking and powerful story was always my own.
But it has never been told—until now. Come inside and follow this disciple's fascinating journey from abused little boy to “America’s First Evangelical Anchorman.”
This gripping and powerful book is a must-read for anyone who has ever been abandoned, abused, addicted or who longs for the life-saving adoption of God through faith in the name of Jesus.


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